Acid Clown Jazz USA!

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Agenda 42 operators test out Chemtrailing in Uptown, Chicago for clowns, photo taken upon Andrey's notice.

Agenda 42 operators test out Chemtrailing in Uptown, Chicago for clowns, photo taken upon Speedy’s notice back in March of 2016, shortly before Speedy became in battle with Agenda 42 mind control operations.

The Garlic has uncovered through hyperbole extraction of metaphysical altering psychedelic sedatives in pools of natural rain water throughout 42 of the total States of America. The questions are unconfirmed sightings of scary clowns everywhere.

The sedatives mummify the public’s group think mind in a wide spread experiment by the psychological operations of our military to see to what extent the mass population is ready for a virtual reality while the true reality becomes destroyed beneath this veil.

“It is a matter of how to transcend this reality to a fake one before we can just pull the plug on humanity”- Unconfirmed Agenda 42 operator.

Forget Agenda 21; that was just a smoke screen for 42, which is the real clown in business.

The goal of 42 is to eradicate all questions, because without questions there can be everlasting darkness.

If you want to avoid this clowning around; avoid drinking the water or breathing the atmosphere. I mean we mean turning off your TV. It is better to pretend you are clowning around than actually clowning around. So play the decoy to coy the real McCoy.

The CDC is keeping their eyes on this project 42 for their Agenda 21 smoke screen on the supposed Zombie Apocalypse ambiguous scare.

Many folks are reacting in disgust with the media frenzy on clowns that they are clowning around themselves not realizing they are the patsy justification for the clowning around to begin with. How do you think Al “Kinda” or ISIS got started? It’s all been project 42 backed. Heck ISIS was a Greek god and anyone using NASA’s ISIS system may find project 42 concealed from a neighboring planet. Look out for the big X that is promised to sweep us by! Better go to Hell, ahhhh, I mean hallow Earth.The question we must all ask when we see something is, isis?



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