Ascends from Saturn, a human being runs for President…

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Sid, the human conspiracy on the reptilian dominated Saturn returns to Earth to help in his presidency eradicate the infestation.

Sid, the human conspiracy on the reptilian dominated Saturn returns to Earth to help in his presidency eradicate the infestation.

So if you are not thinking about voting, do it anyways just to write Sid in. He can sure use a human kicking him to the oval office. No reptilian will vote for him or their sheeple. So we need to rally all the intelligent folks that wouldn’t otherwise vote.

The reptilian media establishment had cut the debate short between Sid, Trump and Clinton. Supposedly, unconfirmed reports that Weird Al will be the substitute to Sid’s hand on the bible. Conspiracy theories have gone wild about where Sid will be asked to place his hand. Hopefully it will be kid and sheeple safe.

From the debate we were able to transcribe this:

1. Do you favor increasing or reducing Social Security benefits? If so, how would you do it?

H: More Social Security. Because we care for them widows and mothers caring for a sick child.

T: 2028? I’ll probably be dead by then, so why the hell do I care?!

Sid: That is begging the question. Rather I would revamp health care in America to let the people decide natural alternatives to the pharmaceutical alternatives, requiring both types of treatment being covered by insurance. Just maybe people will be healthier and want to work longer. However I will not implement a later retirement age, until such time the majority agree otherwise. It should be of natural consequence that healthier folks choose to be productive members of society longer, but not a requirement. Those that do nothing in their retirement age end up dying sooner anyways because there’s nothing in their mind to live for.

As for an increase or decrease in social security, that should be a dynamic based on need. Social Security is a sliver compared to our military budget. With that said, we should not be setting up conditions in our mental and physical health to poise one’s dependence on Social Security. We should be gearing towards a healthier and stronger union of people, not a divided and profit machine built on illness.

2. What three steps would you take to improve Medicare?

H: More Medicare. Because we need to care for them widows and sick children of caring mothers.

T: Privatize the shit out of it!

Sid: That is begging the question again. I don’t have three steps. I have one. Re-evaluate the Department of Defense. It is my observation that the Department of Defense is acting in the capacity of it’s original name, The Department of War. If we can go back to Defense against direct and imminent offense and not all this pre-emptive meanderings of plausible threats in the future, we will have Medicare beyond 2028 and many less veterans dependent on it due to war related psychological and physical disorders.

3. Since 2012, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States as children have registered with the government under President Obama’s executive order that gives them work permits and guarantees they will not be deported. Will you honor those guarantees?

H: We will make them a nice community to live in so they can help our economy.

T: We have indefinate camps for them. They can make American goods cheap. Make America Great Again!

Sid: They would have already become members of society. Kicking them out would not only interrupt the capacities of their connection to our society but be also unfair to the promise given them.

4. The war in Syria has created a huge migrant crisis. What is the appropriate level of migration from Syria that the United States should allow, and how would you guarantee that those coming into our country from a region struggling with terrorism do not mean us harm?

H: We need to be absolutely sure they don’t hate us.

T: They hate us.

Sid: I agree with Hillary and Trump, to the results. Notice they dodged the why. Some of these folks are supporting the very thing we are fighting and in the process we are generating more hate to fight against. It is a perfect equation to keep the profits rolling in the Military Industrial Complex. Yeah, you’d never hear Hillary or Trump utter those three words together: Military Industrial Complex. Our last real president, Eisenhower warned us of the Military Industrial Complex. In his departure speech, he said “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” For it has become evident today, that this misplace of power has persisted. I will put an end to that.

5. What will be the first thing you do as President?

Hillary: War with Russia

Trump: Take the garbage out


As President, the very first thing I will do is fire the secret service body guards and hire my own people to protect me. I don’t want to end up another fatality of the state.

Someone’s grandma at a nursing home recorded the debate. It was the only copy we got, and hence recovered:



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