Dr. Katalyst’s Last Coming

Jan 02, 15 Dr. Katalyst’s Last Coming

Dr. Katalyst told the board at multikulti that when his time has come that he would like his soul to leave his body as his body is lit in a flame rolled on a bed of that all enduring female plant.

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Is, Is?

Oct 10, 14 Is, Is?

The folks at multikulti are unraveling the greatest conspiracy of all time, and by that we do not mean what the CIA is actually funding with the cohesion of corporate warfare but the metaphysical question on our projection of reality.

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They Have No Steak in America

Mar 07, 14 They Have No Steak in America

The government and it’s people have been left without any steak. All the steaks are now in other countries and the fine looking four class dining suite and tie people have left to find their steak elsewhere. Currently China and Russia are booming with America groped of all it’s great steaks.

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Multikulti Introduces New Food Pyramid Scheme

Mar 06, 14 Multikulti Introduces New Food Pyramid Scheme

Multikulti found a method of nutritional intake where animals and plants can profit off their consumers. Alec says “this perpetual system of an exchange of energy no longer gets depleted with this new pyramid scheme. Everyone that consumes plays an essential role in the scheme, and everyone profits in energy abundance.”

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