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Dr. Katalyst scries candle light and the idea to start this service comes to him as if by a bolt of lightening.

Dr. Katalyst scries candle light and the idea to start this service comes to him as if by a bolt of lightening.

Multikullti has started a new psychic hotline to help pay for our gas and electric bills. For a fantastic rate of just $3 a minute, you can talk to one of our most intuitive psychics. We have cultivated a rare gift that enables us to see the obvious truth that lies right in plain sight. We can provide you with answers to any of the questions you seek in life. We have developed a perfected method for getting to the answers you hold within. First we ask you a question. Then we ask you a follow up question. Then we ask you some more about what you think about all that and how it makes you feel. We have professional experience also with giving advice that comes straight from the psychic realm. Just ask us about any decision you need to make in life and we will ask you what you think is perhaps the right decision. Throw at us the most intimate problem that you are facing, don’t worry, we won’t get too personal with all the details, we’re barely paying attention anyway. We have the mystical power to take your statements and make simple correlations that are undoubtedly based on whatever seems like a probable response mixed in with exactly what you want to hear…a supernatural revelation of pure truth. We are able to tap into your subconscious and pull out suppressed memories. Did you once have a painful experience in your childhood that languishes on, and now causes terrible doubts that lurk inside you, undermining your every decision in life? …No? Well that is strange, we didn’t think so either; just checking. Perfected for centuries by mystics around the world and now brought to you for an incredible low cost. Help Multikulti pay our gas and electric bills and call the Psychic Opvious hotline today! Our operators are standing by at



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