Question with the Thinking Monkey…

Dec 16, 17 Question with the Thinking Monkey…

It has been generally un-observable to witness people actually thinking. Rather people are commonly seen on their devices or inbetween everyday tasks checking their email and having a cup of coffee with friends talking about the latest changes in their lives to stuff like “I met a new person; I tried a new topping on my pizza, ” to “I got a new fancy toilet seat.”

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Judges and their Robes

Mar 07, 14 Judges and their Robes

What the hell is the deal with judges and those black robes? Where else would you trust a person wearing a black judges robe? If someone was behind you on the subway and was wearing that robe you would be freaked out. You wouldn’t let someone babysit your children if they walked around in a black judges robe. If you saw someone in public wearing that black robe you would think they were in some kind of freaky medieval death cult. So how is it that we trust this person with upholding the law itself if we wouldn’t trust that person with absolutely anything else in our lives.

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