China’s New Housing Initiative: Biodegradable for Cheap

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China blames all their victims: "还有你让它发生!"

China blames all their victims: “还有你让它发生!”

China is finally getting the idea of planned obsolescence from the greatest garbage producing nation in the world: America — only that China is taking an environmentally sound approach.

With hi-tech 3D printers, China can produce 500 houses a day from dirt and sand. Within a year of rain, snow and sleet, every inhabited home would biodegrade back into the ground and each family would have to purchase yet another home, that they surely should afford.

Yet America is already over the edge. The pollution of their homeland has invaded political thought inspired by fundamentalist thoughts to solve the drinking water contamination problems. “All that yee be born shall live and in the case of being born outside of wedlock thine shall be used as water filters to filter out all the chemically induced frack water that has entered the eco-system by the divine powers that be” said Reverend and White Tea Party member Mr. Bastard.

China says they will revolutionalize the unity of capitalism and communism in the world by first allowing countries into the predicament of China having the legal and financial right to claim all the land.



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