Dr. Katalyst’s Phone Dies. 12 Dead at the Door

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A related incident last year included these bee people that died waiting too long outside breathing the air waiting for someone to buzz them in multikulti.

A related incident last year included these 5 bee people that died waiting too long outside, breathing the chemicals in the air, for someone to buzz them in to multikulti.

Back in the frigid cold of February, in an attempt to restore juice to the capacity of his phone, Dr. Katalyst leaves phone at home unplugged. He forgets that an anti-war group meets at the space. As a result of not being able to buzz them in at the door downstairs with his phone, 12 are found frozen dead at the building’s footsteps. One of them is still alive. The surviving women claims that through mind control measures Dr. Katalyst had a mind block moment when leaving his house that extended to him forgetting about the meeting– a covert operation to defeat the anti-war movement in it’s tracks. She, Dr. Lori claims “those Holyburtons, if they face any force that would close them down, then the world would fall apart for them because of their foundation being the business of maintaining death, conflict and suffering around the world. Tangently related was Dr. Justices observation “The court system purposely creates more conflict between ex-couples for the purpose of extracting more money from them in legal fees. This is exactly what keeps Holyburtons in business. They profit off of conflict. They have no interest in resolution that leads to peace.” Luckily the one surviving anti-war activist was able to get this information to us in time so we could count our cards. The Shamen of the OpenSource Temple let the surviving person inside to alert Dr. Katalyst. Dr. Katalyst has since re-directed all his calls and emails to Dr. Nothing’s cell phone so he can just focus on the peaceful transition to the revolution and to satisfy his libido through 6 hours a day work out at the drums.



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