Exodus Disproportion to Election Results

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dumpedThe polls have commenced. The stakes in the states have been Dumped. And Hillary is trying to steal Bernie’s claim to address this one single anomaly: More voters are leaving for Canada than those numbers claimed to have voted for Trump – and by no means by any small margin.

The numbers are stalking us and yet no one is paying any attention to those numbers. Approximately 150 million folks voted for Trump, as claimed. He won by that number. Although approximately 275 million voters and 50 million non-voters & Dead Heads have just registered their VISA for Canada. The rest are still glued to their tube sets. The country would be once the exodus concludes, have more living dead voters than the “living” left.

The Queen of England has stepped in authority into the matter, and by passive will, it has been claimed by an unnamed source, that this is what the power structure, infiltrative of the United States wanted, the demise of our Declaration of Independence.

However Trump’s executive powers are left to remain until such time and event of peril, the royal family shall claim rightful ownership of the planet that they already have assumed. And it shall be accepted as a resolution to such peril towards an alleviation of deliverance into peace and harmony.

For those moving to Canada, the experience of alleviation would be temporal, of course circumstantial on one condition: That the people stand up and use their pens — O’ who do I think I’m writing too?! Nevermind….That the insane, homeless and shamed shall stand up and use their crayons and reclaim their sound of mind in orders to reclaim freedom, liberty and justice for all.

ditto that!



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