Goat Cubs!

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See you in middle Earth!

See you in middle Earth!

What does the goat and the Cubs have to do with world events?

Short answer: nothing
Long answer:
Well, the world is coming to an end; the stuff of talk and reality like mass extermination through the war machine; imminent police state and the environmental doom of a coming ice age makes one wonder, the fans that bought a ticket to the world series, does that invite them to middle Earth?
Probably not, they can suck their pacifiers, TV sets and game machines to the end of time. There is only one game I will play: Goat Simulator. And that is exactly what I did on this fable night. I get no excitement off watching a baseball game. Although I get a little excitement off of people’s reactions to it, that ends in some pity. But that’s just me. And I’m a Nothing, a Doctor at it, too!
I’m not harping on the Cubs nor am I blaming the fact that the goat was not allowed in the stadium back in 1945. The circumstance would have been the same, only the psychic knew what was to come and harped about his goat with it having no consequence either way.
So, with the Cubs having absolutely nothing to do with world events, what do we do now?
The answer is a difference in the expression of these idioms:
So with the expression, “get your goat on,” there are two new ones: “get on your goat!” and “if the goat floats your boat, then what does the goat want to do with you?!”
What we can learn from this? Take care of your goats like family. Stop the slaughter in the shadows of our conscience.
Goats are good companions too! We can all be a happy family.
If we all went too far, maybe just maybe that will compel us all to be closer with one another as companions and just maybe then that would result in actions that will keep this Earth, and all that it shares over our heads, safe and sound.



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