Governor Gives the Old Two Steps Out the Back Door

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Elves, recently freed from Santa's claws, bring a frack rig to Gov. Quinn's lawn. The elves recently joined Rising Tide Chicago. Click to watch video.

Elves, recently freed from Santa’s claws, bring a frack rig to Gov. Quinn’s lawn. The elves recently joined Rising Tide Chicago. Click to watch video.

Today in an appearance by Governor Quinn at Loyola University, when pressed with critical questions about his political stances, Quinn put on his dancing shows and tip toed right out the back door, sliding out as the curtain dropped with people standing in their seats…shows over folks, and what an ending! “Hey Governor” people yelled “do an encore”. The crowd was rilled up in excitement. The student leader of the Loyola Young Democrats looked totally stunned by the whole spectacle as the governor jetted out in his splendid fashion. Quinn ended his performance with the old two step. It was a magnificent finish. “We want our governor” cheered the crowd “bring back our governor!”. But Quinn had left the building leaving people wanting more. The audience loved the whole show, especially a bit the Governor did on fracking where he publicly stated he won’t allow fracking in Illinois and then recently signed permits to allow industry to frack in the state. That one is a real crowd pleaser. Quinn also wooed his fans with a bold stance on open debates. One loving fan yelled out “will you challenge the other Democratic candidate in an open debate?” And in full brass Quinn stood his ground, “I’ll let my opponents run their campaign, and I’ll run mine. I’ll see them on election day”. Clearly the Governor knew he had already won the debate before even allowing it to happen. He wouldn’t want to mercilessly destroy his opponent in an open and public arena, so the Governor graciously declined the debate purely out of courtesy. “But we want to see you debate!” the fans just wouldn’t let up. The Governor showed much class when he gracefully denied to accept the challenge. A masterful display of political showmanship. The energy in the room built to a climactic height. The crowd wanted to see more and just couldn’t get enough. The people were just dying to see Quinn debate and hear more of Quinn’s position on fracking. But such a talented master, being so gifted in the craft, once again managed to leave in classic form with everyone in the room on their feet. The audience was roaring. It was an evening to remember and people already can’t wait for the next event. Quinn’s fan base is growing at unprecedented pace and his audience will be sure to come back time and time again everywhere he goes to perform.



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