Hecklers Survived Organized Chaos for Seven Years….

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7yearscshmThe Garlic is proud to inaugurate seven succulent years of organized chaos by none other than irreplaceable Sid Yiddish and his Candy Store Henchmen. It was just two years after its inception in 2012 that the band was supposed to meet its demise, along with planet Earth– yet it didn’t end. So here we are five years later and seven years into the act: The chaos flourishes– and yes it is sound chaos in the genre of chance arts (aleatory.) With over 100 hand signals, the conductor is expected to release a book on these gestures sometime in his lifetime, with the most infamous one, high ‘E’ being their cover story and yes book cover and logo of the band.

With over 120 performances under their belt and about seven albums, the group has performed many times on WZRD and been an impunable act for every year of Make Music Chicago and has conquered on TV as well as radio, not limited to: “you belong in a cage” by celebrity judge Howard Stern [America’s Got Talent, Season 8], “I don’t know what patsy fetishes are” by Mancow Mueller [Fox Network TV] to WGN radio show personality Rick Kogan, The Sunday Papers who said to Sid “you make Andy Kaufman look like Jack Benny.”

The group has witnessed in its seven years a heckler yelling “Free Bird,” toilet paper gifting (or tossing depending on your perspective), someone asking us “where is Walgreens?” in a the middle of another performance that became a Henchmen standard and many new member connections that have been cycled through the group. The highlights included Sid’s performance as collapsing to his death in 2015 with his hoaxed legendary death on social media, brawl in the deck of halls over percussions and the toss of a dildo like gourd (defined as a fleshy edible hard skin fruit) that almost tripped a performer, the power turned off during our performance at The Orphanage as a response to a drunken heckler yelling “It’s so dumb, I can’t remember” and “Ok! It’s Over! Goodbye…” Most memorable of course for Sid is the performance on his mother’s birthday where the group sang Happy Birthday atonal and out of key — may she rest in peace.

The overall reaction of the audience is perplexity and wonderment which is the experience we all aspire as creatures of this Earth, and for Sid: Saturn.



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