Inspiration behind The Garlic, Andrey Price needs your help…

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Andrey is currently wandering homeless in California. Last spotted near LAX in Los Angeles California on Nov 1st.

We ask that if you see Andrey to comfort him, give him cigs, ask if he needs anything, remind him there are people who love him and assess his situation for treatment and please have him call Jason at the number given on the sign below:


From the first article in the first issue of The Garlic, titled “MASSES IN THE STREETS, MULTIKULTI REACTS CALMLY TO EVEN DEEPER CONSPIRACY”


Andrey, the man behind the first issue of the Garlic, revealed in an effort to help find him and help him into safety.




He had been  seeking refuge in a homeless state in Uptown until when on August 12 Police told him not to come back because he did not have an ID on him and the Police were responding to Andrey being beaten up by a drunk person. I’ve reported the incident to area 19 CPD and just recently filed a FOIA request as such: Andrey_Incident_FOIA_request_08-18-2016


Also please read this letter that I am trying to get to Andrey hoping he will return for his check at the Heartland Office:


Please refer to most current poster at


Closing memorandum:

We Love You Andrey! Stay Strong. Come out of hiding, please!

We Love You Andrey! Stay Strong. Come out of hiding, please!



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