Jazz Nights Cures the Docile

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Multikulti-Jazz-Sessions-Pic-629x240    Every Tuesday night the zombies awake for their daily dose of vibrational treatment at multikulti from 10PM into the dawn, returning ready to function for their day jobs the next day. “The metaphysical discussions that arise after a free Mocha from Marla filled my mind’s faculties once they were freed from the mundane side effects of daily television and fluoridated water. The vibrations of the jazz helps,” claimed Alfred. Another person was intrigued by the thought connect with drummer Vincent on the topic of life vs. the game frogger where the frogs were driving, when all of the sudden “Eureka” yelped Hektor just after he discovered how to start broadcasting multikulti Television to bring healing to the masses.  He looked at Aleatory and spoke: “Let’s start a playlist and anytime we have caring curing vibrations we stream it live.” Aleatory replied “Well we would have to find an effective medium to stream.” Hektor then informed Aleatory that he might have a connection to propagate the modulated frequencies through  the power lines in a way to resonate not just televisions but all devices that people plug in their outlets. So while we beta-test streaming those folks that have been fully zombified by their devices by the shadow with frivolously mundane programming can still get the live stream at mkchi.org/live for now and in the hope for their betterment can get in person treatment to their faculties by showing up in person to the jazz. They can get a free dose of espresso drinks to help open the capillaries in their brain for high bandwidth free flow un-intercepted reception. We guarantee, there won’t be a drag.



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