Masses in the streets, multikulti reacts calmly to even deeper conspiracy

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Random specimen at the typewriter, subjected to the MK-GARLIC program.

Sales of typewriters skyrocket from the shelves of thrift stores due to NSA hysteria. Office stores across the nation scurry to only find the remaining stock of ribbons are all dried out. Mass panic in the streets ensue. However at multikulti we are aware that our eyes have been compromised by spy neural-nano-bots sprayed by chemtrails. So we work without the need of ribbons and instead use lemon juice.

However in the grand scheme of things, intellectually advanced cockroaches that live in deep Earth are conspiring a complete take over of Earth’s surface after their plan of complete nuclear fallout and devastation on the surface is realized in the hands of human pawns. Dreadsen, as seen in the video (, is working on identifying the locations of these cockroaches to remove their menace on all other life, including shared interests with our extraterrestrial fellows in the sparing of humans to welcome them into the age of enlightenment, abundance and free energy.

Right now the cockroaches still have humans in their clutches and we at multikulti are determined, with our ability to transfer and re-materialize boric acid through the medium of mind waves and to triangulate to their locations, complete borification.

Our 100+ year plan to eradicate them by putting borax in laundry detergent, there after their use, flushed into the grounds via channels in sewers, has failed to show any positive results in their defeat. There is no diplomacy with these cockroaches as they do not possess the function nor ability of empathy, not even for their own kind. However they have fooled us in believing they have empathy for the past 10,000 years. We have learned through the advancements of understanding psychology in the 19th and 20th centuries to identify their quality of existence as the unequivocal sociopath.

You can join the movement at multikulti by making use of our newest technology — The NSA Proof Typewriter. Next time you are at multikulti or a Q4 event, feel free to jot down a random thought anonymously.



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