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Suspects find room for more stuff so we took this picture to make it last.

Suspects find room for more stuff so we took this picture to make it last.

Today the Multikulti refrigerator was cleaned properly for the first time in God knows how long its been. You may notice it now has an unfamiliar fresh smell to it, which is far more pleasant than the mystery odor you normally get when opening the door. Believe it or not the shelves are actually translucent once again and light can shine through all the way to the bottom, no longer opaque with a variety of sludges and other sticky substances. Apparently the inspiration happened when it got to a point of being so horribly disgusting, and realizing that absolutely no one else was ever going to do something about it, there was only one right thing to do. Dr. Kelly took the initiative to take everything out and wash it all down, throwing out some stuff that has been decomposing for the better half of our 4 years of operation. No longer is the refrigerator a breeding ground for new lifeforms, that experiment in bio-accumulation has hereby ended and we begin a new day with a refrigerator that only serves the purpose of keeping our food cold. The same penalties that Dr. Greenlove enacted for dirty dishes will be enforced by karma for people caught dirtying the fridge from now on.



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