Multikulti Introduces New Food Pyramid Scheme

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Dr. Greenlove suggests that red meat must be included in moderation to keep the cycle complete. He was hesitant to answer when asked what accounts for red meat.

Dr. Greenlove suggests that multikulti members become the top of the food pyramid by allowing food from potlucks to be left behind and that multikulti should encourage more potlucks.

Multikulti found a method of nutritional intake where animals and plants can profit off their consumers. Alec says “this perpetual system of an exchange of energy no longer gets depleted with this new pyramid scheme. Everyone that consumes plays an essential role in the scheme, and everyone profits in energy abundance.” The new system marries animals and the ancient ayurvedic ways of the country Bharat in one concise and complete system. However Dr. Lori rebuttals the red meat and fish, “With the red meat you are essentially consuming suffering, and it is just not sustainable, all those cow farts and such. And any fish that  is not exposed to oil, tar, lead or radiation is a hard find and you’d be better off gambling your life on winning on the survival of getting struck by lightning three times in a row.” multikulti’s Dr. Katalyst explained “this is just the initial transition, no element in each quadrant is a necessity. We are only trying to be as inclusive as possible.” An anonymous person asked us “how is it a complete system if the consumers don’t get consumed?” in which case Dr. Katalyst shrugged “good point.” Dr. Greenlove interjected “we will work that issue out in the next release of the New Food Pyramid Scheme once we find out more about those green scaly creatures that comic book readers and Dr. Who fans purport are really the ones at the top of the pyramid.”



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