Multikulti Transcends to Same Same

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Activists focus all their energies on materializing someone levitating and succeeded.

Activists focus all their energies on materializing someone levitating and succeeded.

In a strange twist of events Multikulti was recently crowded with a large group of content Americans.  This is in sharp contrast to the usual activists and “do gooders” who frequent MK, bitching and complaining about the status-quo and preaching their idealism on anything that will listen, including other humans, the plant life, bathroom walls and even over the internet virtual air waves.  It has become commonplace that Multikulti is for those who wish to express themselves via activism and art yet on one strange January evening all of the MK patrons were content, neither happy nor upset at the “establishment,” “corporations” or “the man.”

It was unclear if this passive attitude would have any permanence on the art and activism community that utilizes Multikulti’s space but even a service dog that was in attendance appeared to be “okay with everything.”  The thought of a content populace struck fear into the MK management because if there was nothing to be upset about would people really need a place to organize like Multikulti?  Could the venue continue to exist solely on the generosity of these content Americans?  MK management had this to say about what is being dubbed as the “strangest evening ever at Multikulti.”

A mk-garlic test subject exposed to the circus said “People were just wandering around not sure what to do, they wanted to preach, they wanted to complain, organize and mobilize, they wanted to change the world but there just wasn’t anything that they could think of to change it seemed.”

The awkwardness quickly subsided as the sun rose on the next day and there wasn’t any coffee and people quickly became irritable and irate.  With the new day upon Multikulti things literally fell right back into place with the ceiling leaking on one patron trying to sleep on the couch and a power outage disrupting some vital 6AM video editing that had been taking place.  One person who was present at the return to normalcy sunrise stubbed his toe, cursed out loud and everything that is worth complaining about returned to the forefront of visitors to Multikulti.



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