Multikulti Weekly Elevator Forecast

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MONDAY – Slight chance of going up and down

TUESDAY – Holy shit we made it!

WEDNESDAY – Its raining again in the elevator shaft
THURSDAY – Good chance of delays
FRIDAY – Might hit some unexpected traffic patterns
SATURDAY – Sounds like someone is screaming

MONDAY – Take nearest detour
TUESDAY – Oh shit we’re in the basement, what the fuck is this place?
WEDNESDAY – Look for reroute

THURSDAY – Feeling lucky?

FRIDAY – Pack a lunch

SATURDAY – Wear a diaper just in case

SUNDAY – Spend 30 days in the hole
MONDAY – Expect major delays

TUESDAY – Still waiting for it to come

WEDNESDAY – Its fixed if you believe it is

THURSDAY – Wind up on mystery floor

FRIDAY – Runs like a champ

SATURDAY – Goes all the way to top floor…and then some

SUNDAY  – Bats…again

MONDAY-Door may open and close randomly, but other than that its OK

TUESDAY – Call a search and rescue team

WEDNESDAY – Hold your breath and don’t move around too much

THURSDAY – It could be worse

FRIDAY – Meet a stranger and exchange phone numbers

SATURDAY – Don’t make it angry

SUNDAY – Recuperating from a long weekend

MONDAY – Stairs are real similar to an elevator, why don’t you try those?

TUESDAY – Will get there eventually
WEDNESDAY – Look for better alternatives

THURSDAY – Arrive at the floor of your choosing

FRIDAY – You probably should have considered taking the stairs

SATURDAY – You don’t learn do you

SUNDAY – A little shaky

MONDAY – Live to ride another day!

TUESDAY – Better luck next time



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