Newly Weds Irma and Harvey Thart the Wall

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Weathering at Godcock Shudder Speed, two weds watch and wait, under unknown to them, the duress of erotic asphyxiation.

Weathering at Godcock Shudder Speed, two weds watch and wait, under unknown to them, the duress of unholy erotic asphyxiation of mass deception.

The ministries Category 7 End of the World wedded two lovers Harvey and Irma respectively back in 2005. It was a programmed lovision demonstration of commitment that sunk in the minds of those sunken in their lovesets.

The Central Indulgent Agency muppet show Alqauted is singing hallelujah to Allah to the next series of September 11th while Christian and other religious folks effected by this big brother on little sister incestal Bonnie and Clyde super heroes of the said Agency are praying to God, “how, why,” and sometimes “thanks.”


The United Stakes unpopular move to build a wall to subvert Messico’s floodings with funding allocated from the Federal Emergence Response Agency is being challenged by natural causes of this disastrous marriage of original sin. While divorce papers across the Stakes are being filed and pursued, folks in effected areas of Fluoride, Messico and Staxeus are burled all up in their ruckus seeking a refuge in lovision, by God or popular demand amidst their usually busy work life. Perhaps a blessing in disguise for this decision by the musically wimple of the holy harp, owned and operated by shadow puppets.

Meanwhile, all the Stakes looking to defect to Canada are facing future submergence of an imminent marriage ravage where giant Arks may need to be built to keep them afloat. In reflex to this course, the billionaires colluded with shadow phallic puppets are expecting their underground cities of dykes to be completed for surface ejaculation in a show of fireworks in form of a Grande destruction for the manufactured Ventis’ need to vent deception among our decentralized and fragmented shadow public with the incitement of North Donkey Kung Dung.

What a mind phuck!

Dr. Nothing



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