Non-voters reminded to bitch extra following recent election

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Dr. Greenlove reveals himself.

Dr. Greenlove reveals himself.

A new un-informed yet opinionated group is reminding non-voting Americans that bitching and complaining but not taking action is almost as good as taking action.  Freedom Loving Americans for Patriotism’s spokesman Mitch Johnson had this to say.
“Just because an American wakes up late on election day doesn’t mean they should be forced to vote in order to have their views validated.  Same goes for people who forget to register at a new address.”
FLAP was formed to remind Americans that other Americans value the first Amendment and freedom of speech whether you vote or not.  Non-voting is often seen as a statement in and of itself. FLAP notes on its website but concedes the only people getting the message is the self serving individual who conforms to the status quo by default of their non-engagement.
“Bitching is just as American as voting!” Johnson exclaimed,  adding “At the end of the day I don’t want to feel guilty for voting for a guy who later turns out not to do everything I dreamed government would do for me, I just want to be able to get drunk with friends and complain about something. The government is always going to be there so why not make it a scapegoat?!?”
FLAP recently encouraged its members to complain on their Facebook pages following the election that choosing between the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.  Not voting is something that the group encourages, claiming that “by choosing to refrain from casting a ballot ensures one that when the candidates are not perfect, the nonvoters conscience at least will be.  And that is the foundation for a sound opinion.”



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