North Korea Tries to Wake Up America with Their Propaganda on American Propaganda

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North Korea claims that Hitler credited America for it's science on propaganda. We could not find any opposing evidence.

North Korea claims that Hitler credited America for it’s science on propaganda. We could not find any opposing evidence.

North Korean starts a Youtube channel with an abundance of videos about their great leader. However North Korea recently drew into question with their exposé of the use of propaganda in American mainstream media. We tried asking random people in the street for comment and everyone just scurried away thinking we were trying to sell them something. We went to Faux News to try to get a comment and the security guard tried to get us to raise our arm on camera and frame us for assault. Then we asked a fugitive gang banger what he thought, “American mainstream media is at best very easy target for any country with a minimal and objective education system. North Korea did well with this feature and I would recommend it to anyone that would like to learn more about the downfall of objective media in North America.” The gang banger continued, “the only thing I would object is with their blanketed disapproval of Quentin Tarantino, blaming him and his culture for America’s love for violence. That dude is cool in making the truth of our warmongers entertainment.” Then we went to a proponent of our warmongers what they thought about Quentin Tarantino’s work, “that director is a disgrace to this great nation and one of the pillars why there is fertility for violence in this country.” We asked a veteran why he raped and killed so many people in the battle field and he admitted “part of our training was to take away our conscience and empathy for life and use us as weapons to create more conflict to guarantee a market for more weapons trade.” Then we asked the spokesperson of a major weapons supplier, Halikey, about their operations, “we are planning to move our operations to China and support them in their operation for their rightful claim of North America.” This dude Dennis who claims to be the American ambassador to North Korea gets cited for violating UN sanctions against North Korea and is soon to be tried for treason. We asked Dennis what’s up, “The supreme leader told me he had one request for Mr. Obama, ‘pick up that damn phone and give me a call, bro.'” “they” all say in public statements “we don’t give in to terrorists and totalitarian governments.”



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