NSA Proof Typewriter Compromised Through CALM-ED in Lieu of the Queen

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Blackhole Inc. starts marketing campaign to prevent complaints at the root of “Live for Now” agenda promoted by soda company PeeSee


Random specimen at Oliver typewriter using the monkey’s ass as alias for project MK-GARLIC

Hallikey collects $15 trillion from a Blackhole to answer the call to recent demand for typewriter ribbons. MK-Garlic investigates the reason why the all sniffing nose complex would be interested and finds that all electric typewriters have been compromised. A schizophrenic hooked an oscilloscope in parallel to the power cord and found that each key puts out a unique and consistent current signature. We put a tracer on the current and followed it from Calm-Ed to the Dunk or Do-Not shop down the street. We bought us a cup of coffee. The  schizophrenic test subject started scrying using AC light reflected off the coffee to devise a method to mislead the Queen’s efforts to use the same method on us. We used an Oliver mechanical typewriter with a hand up a Monkey’s ass as a proxy to derail the Queen’s attempt to compromise our attainment of counter-intelligence. So we compiled a solution to the root of why Eve-is-Ill. What we all have to do is         and                           think                         with                               write

spool                   !                  pool                                                          reflect                                         poo
??  ?

recall and forget

react to what we forgot and in no way allow ourselves the cognitive experience to the reasons of our

Simply put: Evil loses a grip on us if we choose to react to the moment to only plausible notions responsible for otherwise rampant paranoia by clown dunking gas-lighting patsy tactics.



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