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NSAnta prepares to bring joy to the world in Project Enduring Culling.

    At just five years of age I looked up to my father, stared him straight in the eye and said “you are Santa.” I spent the rest of those years not believing until one day while walking 15 miles back home, I noticed along my path newspapers conspicuously placed on the ground in front of fields of nothing but grass and dirt with headlines such as “Greenspan, in a dysfunctional relationship with the Fed, breaks up” catered to invoke insane behavior from my mental state at the time.
I know now that the illuminati (not all human) use their third eye, found so prominent in our Federal Reserve notes, to seize all of time in their goal to play God and pave a new world of sublimated peace on Earth. In the past thirty years, in an effort to overcome the fluoride subduing the pineal glands of oblivious factions in the NSA, the NSA have poured tons of R&D into silicon based third eyes to keep an eye on everyone in the world. The adage “he knows when you have been good or bad” is the ultimate goal to help cull the masses in what in their eyes they believe are less favorable and of dissent– to destroy those that are a detriment to their plan of a new model of an enslaved society of the meek.
Project MK-Kultra has been in-acted to bring together minds deviant from the status-quot to respond to this new Santa, the NSAnta, and offer them fluoride detox in exchange for complete disclosure of our political relations with the real Santa Claus.



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