One Month Ago (April Fools): Letter to Rahm and Pat

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The letter that was hand delivered to Rahm, after being signed by the guard on April Fools 2014.

On April Fools marked an action and hand delivery of a Page Telegram to both Rahm Emmanuel and Pat Quinn. The officer in Rahm’s office signed “J. Smith” and did not put in a date. Nonetheless the guard delivered the Oliver typewriter letter to Rahm right away and Pat Quinn gave us his regards. Watch action and the delivery to Rahm’s office and read the article below:

Dear Rahm and Pat,

We the People, on behalf of some tasty readings from the “Garlic,” would like to congratulate you on your efforts to do what you think is best, considering any circumstances that would confine you in decisions that go against your ethics and human future of this city, state, country, world and what ever is beyond that. Whether we agree with everything is another concern for any other day than April Fools. Today we just want to feel warm and fuzzy in your presence.

We believe you can use our snot (available upon request) to persuade those energy companies that lobby within your constituents that another way is possible. Perhaps Americans can produce the next energy source through the body fluids; then humans on this planet could be universally valued. Rahm we commend you on your priorities and strong policies and questions to those that make those “planned” mistakes and accidents that threaten our resources; all that making it more difficult to justify our current population. Pat, what the heck, you’ll be chasing all those chickens out of Southern Illinois and making this and the neighboring states vibrate the devil’s [G-spot]. You got the republicans down South acting like liberal environmentalists with big guns. You could devote time with some of the more educated chickens with a concise and complete hearing on the frackability vs fatality, the keystone vs key to our future and our black snot vs what we breath.

Rahm, please tell your top donor of non-earthly origin that we truly can responsibly sustain ourselves only if we address all that tin foil hat type anti-fluoride, anti-pesticide, anti-GMO, anti-aspartame, anti-human stuff hogwash.

We hope in the days exceeding April Fools, non-partisan, non-corporate sponsored influence, apolitical and mix voices on ethics, science and chicken philosophy are heard from the herd, not just from the farmers that herd the humans.

Happy April Fools,
Ted TheCock, a female hen RIP
The Garlic



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