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[V1I1] – October 2013 (NSA Proof Typewriter, Tuesday Night Jazz, Green Screen is Back, ILNorml meetings)
[V1I2] – November 2013 (Typewriter Compromised, Needed Air Plumbing, Free the Ants, What Wouldn’t Jesus Not Do?)
[V1I3] – December 2013 (NSAnta KNwOS BEST, Q4Radio:Gift Not Leverage, Your Dish-Wish @ Work, He Profits So You Can Save)
[V1I4] – April 2014 (HolaCola Exposed, USPS Makes Fed Resrv and Gold Irrelevant, NSA Calls to God Intercepted, Pulling the Plug, Call for Pink Mustache Ride, Divorce Parties.)
[V1I5] – October 2014 (Potholes Re-purposed, They Have No Steak in America, Fetuses Diagnosed with ADD and Restless Leg Syndrome, Water Used to Extract Oil Becomes More Scarce than Oil, North Korea Tries to Wake Up America With Their Propaganda on American Propaganda, Is, Is?)
[V1I6] – January 2015 (The Spaceship Leaves, The End is Near: MK Buys Fancy Toilet Paper for Everyone!, Fracking Companies Now Sell Water and Fire from Same Source, Chicago Upgrades Computers from Windows 8 to Commodore 64, Non-voters reminded to bitch extra following recent election, Dr. Katalyst’s Last Coming)