Q4 Radio: Gift Not Leverage

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Raspberry Pi designed to detonate radio waves in the air at a frequency of 1710 khz not in time for Christmas.

The detonation device to bring the radio to the airwaves had it’s essential software taken hostage by the Grinch during the nightmare before Christmas. It was a dispute over whose candy cane is the biggest and by far the Grinch’s candy cane keeps getting bigger.
There was a lot of collateral damage due to the hostage of data that has led many instruments of saving the world to be left in darkness while the high council was in recess of which the Grinch played a role.
The high council has come to an agreement with the Grinch that certain essential files are returned and that the data farm will be returned once the candy canes resume to their less excited sizes.
However as for Q4 radio, Dr. Nothing and Joe Weed have pitched in to come up with an interim solution for radio transmission using a combination of several pulley systems and a vacuum tube.



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