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Thinking Monkey observed in Gujarat India in 2004 is now becoming a phenomena around the world.

Thinking Monkey observed in Gujarat India in 2004 is now becoming a phenomena around the world.

It has been generally un-observable to witness people actually thinking. Rather people are commonly seen on their devices or inbetween everyday tasks checking their email and having a cup of coffee with friends talking about the latest changes in their lives to stuff like “I met a new person; I tried a new topping on my pizza, ” to “I got a new fancy toilet seat.”

Meanwhile the scientists in Gujarat are observing a new phenomena where everyday monkeys are found still in deep thought. No one can determine what they are actually thinking about. Some wonder if it is a sign that something is going to happen on this planet that they need to prepare for.

One experiment demonstrates that they are under great stress; however we at the Garlic had to instruct the University conducting that experiment that hooking up probes to their balls may have invoked the Uncertainty Monkey Balls Principle where having any kind of observation on the Monkey’s would invariantly cause their balls to sweat and their heart rate to increase.

The Garlic did run it’s own assessment on the phenomena: Monkey’s have always been deep thinking creatures and studies and observations are coming out about it today to remind us the importance of actually thinking about our world and our relationship with it.

Too much as of recent the emphasis has been on gut feeling and thereby gutting out all programs that have had a well established research backing and putting all those that had been deemed vulnerable a victim to be ignored.

Also what we have also learned from our assessment is that Monkey’s doing a lot of thinking actually prevents any conflict. In their social circles they tend to accept each other’s differences, except when two Monkeys favor the same mate. Human’s tend to fall in denial of their mate cheating on them and that is unique to humans. There is a lot of denial going around in other spheres as well, and the strawman of them all gets the greatest attention today: The Earth is Flat Theory.

Some wonder if the relief in the next big disaster will be the tossing of toilet paper in the crowds of victims. Every politician today needs a roll as their bib.



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