The New World Odor Exposed

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An anonymously submitted piece of artwork that depicts the Illuminati power structure.

An anonymously submitted piece of artwork that depicts the Illuminati power structure.

I woke up today to the sight of smog. Did not think anything of it until I walked outside to get some fresh air. I took one deep breath, filled my lungs and exhaled. I did not smell anything out of the ordinary. Then a month later I took a vacation trip to Swiss Alps and started coughing up blood the first day I was there. I went to a herbal doctor and he prescribed me these cigarettes that had black tar in them. I was immediately relieved. He told me to cut the dose in half each day. By the end of my trip I was completely off the cigarettes and breathing fine. I had a surplus of energy coming back home. When I got off the plan I collapsed, feeling dizzy after the first breath– complete blackout. I woke up in the hospital with pure oxygen being pumped into my lungs. I could not have felt better.

The doctor prescribed me tar cigarettes where I would work my way up with the doses for a period of two weeks. By the end of those two weeks I was feeling back to normal. However I remember how I felt the last day I was in the Swiss Alps, full of energy and no cogs in my thinking. I felt free and that I can truly do good in the world. Now I am just a tooth in the gear of the machine, not having the will or motive to question, and rather ignore and avoid the deeper questions of this machine and “the man.”

Perhaps the best way to deal with the course of this planet is to really become machine like. I wonder what that would do to the integrity of the beauty in life. As many medically and environmentally induced individuals would think: I don’t care. That is exactly what “the man” wants, a docile and controllable mass for the eventual kicking us off the cliff as we get close to the edge. I know I will be thinking as I fall to my doom, “I don’t care!”

At least I will fart one last time and take it in my deep breath so I can pass out before I hit the ground and wake up in a whole new world odor.



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