United States Post Office Makes Federal Reserve and Gold Irrelevant

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USPSThe United States Post Office is now accepting all your Federal Reserve Notes in exchange for the new Debt Stamps. Four-hundred opponents to the Fed died from a mysterious accident on the Titanic earlier last century the USPS recently learned. A high ranking officer commented “they were refused access to life boats.” The new currency allows you to cover the cost of shipping packages on all sizes and weights with one cost matching stamp and to buy other things with it such as dried fruits, nuts, transportation devices, reusable diapers and to pay someone to change those diapers. These stamps are backed by energy banked initially with helium-3 from the moon and other objects in our solar system. However anyone that can produce free or renewable energy can also bank it to use the new Debt Stamps. All the stolen and banked gold will be reclaimed and melted down to create global communication grids and for esoteric spiritual conduit structures. Jewelry will exclusively be made with copper and gems and other stones with no emphasis of value on scarcity; instead value solely on craft-personship, health and spiritual benefit. This move by the United States Post Office will remove the pressures of suppression on such technologies that could free our civilization by removing all debt and freedom deterrents. Already the United States Post Office is exploring the stargate technology creating wormholes bending space by focusing lasers so that when you exchange your debt stamps for an object online that the object is instantly delivered to your laser vacuum device in your living room.



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