Voting Won’t Matter, because I don’t care….

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Because nothing matters, “I don’t give a fuck!” ^ click

The Garlic has inside evidence, that is circumstantial in it’s existence pending time stream changes and of extra-ordinary order that requires extra-ordinary proof that there is otherwise a plausible deniability that if Bernie is perceived by the system to actually win the election that the great octopussy in the sky will zap Bernie with the balls on it’s invisible tentacles a rare case of the cooties that could be in the range anything between dismissal due to wide spread media exposure that he did cheat out of class in the 2nd grade to mysteriously getting some kind of terminal brain cancer the next day.

Bare not this scenario, for that Bernie is a man of steel and only high fructose corn syrup, fluoride and heavy metals can bring him down. He get’s his cilantro and onions from the people to keep his strength and deter Kryptonite, so vote on!

Don’t let the Kryptonite keep you from voting: Eat your onions, cilantro, and oh yeah, your Garlic too! Remember, March 15th election day!

Ted TheCock seems to think to have found evidence into the identity of the “person” in charge of the Octopussy machine:



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  1. As the 2016 campaign heats up, one story that’s being largely ignored is how voter turnout will affect policy. Although many people, particularly young Americans, believe that their vote doesn’t matter, new research suggests nothing could be further from the truth.

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