What Wouldn’t Jesus Not Do?

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Dr. Nothing on sabbatical caught writing the theory of everything on the bathroom wall. Seriously, go check it out!

In an anticipation of the latest graffiti “taggin” throwdown following the most recent late night gathering at multikulti a few people have been volunteering to clean the men’s bathroom immediately following the stated conclusion time for all parties.  It seems that some people are so eager to see who was able to “tag” the men’s bathroom that cleaning up all the piss, puke, alcohol beverage containers and cigarette butts is worth being one of the first to see the Sharpied US Postal Stickers and other “tags.”  While the people who organize, decorate and occasionally reside at multikulti are happy that more folks are volunteering to clean the bathroom they do not want to instigate the “taggers.”  Also noteworthy is the ability to get more than one “tag” of the same or nearly identical graphic multiple times in a confined space, as some of the regulars like “Boogie Munster” and “Impolite Society” seem to favor.
Some speculate this “tagging” thing is just like animals urinating to mark their territory and therefore fitting for a lavatory that often stinks of crusty urine.  Others feel this art is appropriate for any venue, including the bottom seat of the toilet, sprinkled with fecal backsplash as one tagger created.   No matter what one’s opinion of this urban trend it is here to stay as more and more youth are taking to their “permanent markers” to express themselves in this modern technological age.



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