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    CAM00096The Multikulti kitchen will be accepting a new Karmic Payment Plan for those who do not wash the dishes they dirty, a change that is met with both joy and fear.  The new Karmic Payment Plan will allow Multikulti patrons and guests to leave dirty dishes in exchange for an understanding that down the road of life they will someday experience a minor inconvenience to equalize the dirty dish or dishes left at Multikulti.  The new program will replace an outdated system of “expecting” or “assuming” that adults would be responsible for themselves and clean their own dishes in a shared space like the MK.  It was agreed upon by the MK High Council that the new Karmic Payment should not be violent or anything tragic, but something that equalizes the time spent to wash the dishes that inevitably overtake the MK kitchenette.
Frequent dishwasher Marla had this to say, “I don’t mind washing the dishes very much, those guys are so busy with all of the very important work that they do saving the world and all.”
The Garlic staff interviewed two dirty dish leavers who wished to remain anonymous and they had this to say, “I don’t want to lose my hair because I don’t like to wash dishes and it is easier to just put them in the sink at Multikulti than wash them.”
Another anonymous dish dirtier was less concerned about the shift in policy, “I don’t believe in karma so I am going to continue to drink coffee there and then just mindlessly leave the mug somewhere.”
The new policy will not require any sign up or enrollment, things will simply work themselves out.  This feature will likely appeal to those who are too busy to do their dishes or need to leave unexpectedly.  It was emphasized numerous times in the research for this article that people WILL still be allowed to wash their own dishes and mugs.



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