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Sid Yiddish for President!


So What Do You Want From Me?


Be mindful in here....
admin: Greetings, please feed Sid's brain to answer the question "What do you want from me?"
VIP-3160: i want happiness.
VIP-3165: Dude, I want happiness too!
VIP-4492: i want a baby deer
VIP-9252: Hello World!
VIP-12888: I want a president like you!
VIP-31093: I want a Jewish president!
VIP-32646: Equality for women!
VIP-32696: Make Organic more affordable!

This battery has come true under career politicians:

Foreclosure, slave labor for life and tiny wages without decent representation, no end in sight to the industrial complexes of Military, Pharma, Prison and G.M.O.s that the banks bank on- all in a perpetual two party system.

Washington, DC needs a change of fresh batteries.