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Being that I am on a fixed and limited income, I need a little help in helping others and in projects that are in the public interest.

Current Projects

Supporting a homeless friend that has developmental delay and intellectual disability:
Needs and accommodations include: Hygiene Items, CTA passes, bike repairs, food, storage costs, phone costs, social activities & support.

Authoring Books and Distribution:
Needs include: copies of my book on the Mental Hospital Survival Guide (working on 4th edition), I need help to purchase copies of the book to pass out to individuals that can benefit from the book.

Page Telegram Free Services:
Writing Advocacy and Notary services for those in need.
Needs include: Transportation and taking individual out for coffee or food, cost of supplies such as printer toner, fax service and paper.

Website projects that relay information and resources that support my endeavors.
Needs include: maintaining missingandreyprice.com and drnothing.net, the first is a beacon for a friend that is homeless and the other is a collection of videos about my history of psychosis.

Software Development:
Developing software to scrape fax numbers, batch fax from computer and development of a final wishes program that fax, email and SMS with pre-written letters and such. Organizations I am helping include Childhood Fractured and Que4 Community Radio.
Needs include: Hosting costs, Fax Service costs, SMS service costs, Business email account costs.

Election Data Forensics:
Benford Bench is currently testing admissibility of a fraud analysis method on time stamps of in-election logs.
Needs include: Hosting costs, social incentives for developers and researchers.

Exotic Technology Research:
Devising detection of technologies that are used for nefarious means and documenting it.
Needs include: Acquisition of detection equipment and any legal fees.

The Unveiling Series has started. First article completed: [01]

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Created 5/15/2019, Updated 5/17/2019