Welcome to the Hospital Abuse Notation Defense Insurance System or referred to hereon as HANDIS.

This project, while now in it’s infancy will provide the public a space to report to a public log of hospital abuse either that they or someone they knew experienced while in the care of a Mental Hospital Facility. While sporadic reporting may be the beginnings it is the eventual hope of this project that it becomes a common ground for victims to get legal representation. Until that happens these grounds is at very least intended for anyone to share their stories of abuse while in a Mental Hospital and in doing so by shedding awareness of such abuses so that such future abuses do not go unnoticed.

For loved ones going through or at risk of going through the mental hospital experience, you may consider for your loved one or for yourself the book The Mental Hospital Survival Guide: How to Protect Yourself and Others from Abuse, 3rd Ed:

Hard copies: https://www.amazon.com/Mental-Hospital-Survival-Guide-3rd/dp/1983463256
PDF (Free): https://hand.is/survival3ed.pdf