ELF subliminals in commercial TV programming has resumed, documented here.


After a few days over the weekend of observing complete absence of ELF and sub-audible acoustics from Tele-vision transmission I had noticed beginning last night that the ELF usage in some commercial Tele-vision has resumed. I have documented below screenshots from this morning in the following categories:

1. Complete or near absence of below 700hz.
2. Between 700hz and 100hz only.
3. Below 100hz anomalous.
4. Below 20hz anomalous.

  1. Complete or near absence of below 700hz:

2. Between 700hz and 100hz only:

3. Below 100hz anomalous:

4. Below 20hz anomalous:

Just observing before and after the period of no ELF usage in commercial programming, there has been observed a deduction of the ELF usage in Tele-vision programming, however it still demonstrates that usage in some areas of Tele-vision programming.