TV Study #001: Subliminal ELF Usage & Abuse w/ Associative Imagery

Study equipment acquisition complete for phase one of study.

Hypothesis: Television has been used as a means of mass mind reprogramming through the stimulation of the viewer’s nervous system through the modulation of the 0.5hz-6hz and upwards (sub-audible) range with direct association with the image on the screen. As this manipulation, if produced would be done without the public’s informed consent suggests it’s use for nefarious purposes and agendas that are kept secret. Patents have surfaced in the last 20 years of apparatuses capable of such nefarious purposes. The publication of these patents 20 years ago have actually been devised in the 1950s and 1960s initially by Prof. Ross Adey then others under the credit to a Hendricus G. Loos commissioned by DARPA, CIA and other military intelligence. The patents that had been published in the last 20 plus years include:

[US Patents]: 6238333, 6091994, 5782874, 6017302, 6506148.

These patents purport that the modulation of these Extremely Low Frequencies (Referred to hereon as ELF) can be used to induce Passivity, Anger, Sexual Excitement, Sadness, Relaxation, Knot in the stomach and Sleep, among other emotional responses.

The study aim is to determine if such emotion inductions can be correlated with the imagery they are paired with and whether such ELF modulations exhibit similar area of brain center reactions across several volunteer study participants.

While these inventions include magnetic field in association to Extremely Low Frequencies as can be induced from electrical motors of fans to Cathode-ray tube Tele-visions, the focus of the study is on the audio output from Television programming as such technology to induce by magnetic field radiation has been antiquated from mainstream society. Furthermore the study may find strong correlations to the content observed on Tele-vision programming to the nature of the Extremely Low Frequencies transmitted.


[Phase 1] Sound would be captured directly through a sound board capable of capturing below the 20hz range. Thirty second samples of TV programming would be recorded with the MTS container format on USB drive directly from the USB port of an ATSC (Digital Converter Box) when FFT spectragraph and dB vs Hz displays activity under the 100hz and below the 20hz range when such frequency modulations are distinct (anomalous) from the above 100hz audible spectrum.

[Phase 2] A small pool of volunteer participants would be individually hooked up to an EEG and provided TV stimulation of programming that had been documented as exhibiting the ELF frequencies associated with imagery on the TV as well as programming without the ELF frequencies with the same imagery. Also the study will use a software based function generator to emulate the ELF exhibited in commercial Television for nervous system response. The three tests would be compared for correlations in signal to nervous system response and report conducted and sent to the FCC and the Attorney General’s Office of the Department of Health if a strong correlation is found.

The studies we suggest to the science community as a followup to this one may include:

1. Triggers to genetic dispositions of psychological and physiological disorders through commercial Television programming in the use of ELF.

2. The effect of commercial Television programming on developing minds vs developed minds (Spectrum of Age-group study) in the use of ELF.

3. Study minute or quick changes in the quality, intensity and unconscious subliminal nature of light and shadow of the visual cortex of Tele-vision in correlation to the ELF counterpart on the nervous system of the study participant(s).

Initial Observations:

The sub-audible signals which has been observed as anomalous to the audible range of the acoustic signal broadcast on commercial television, as can be observed through FFT spectrograms (Fourier analysis) and dB vs Hz scope of both regular programming as well as commercials, with wave signatures that are both regularly anomalous below the 100hz range as well as consistently anomalous when present below the 20hz range. In contrast, these sub-audible signals have not been observed in public access television programming.

The Concern for Public Health:

Such sub-audible frequencies may produce a nervous system response without the public knowing and without the public’s informed consent. As indicated in the collection of patents listed above, such purpose in transmission of Television programming in the ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) spectrum would only serve to induce unconscious emotional affect that would be unsuspecting as well as unknown to the consumer of such Tele-vision programming, especially to those consumers of developing minds.