Study 01: Subliminal ELF Harmonic Associative Programming via Tele-Vision

Hypothesis: Television has been used as a means of mass mind reprogramming through the stimulation of the viewer's nervous system through the modulation of the 0.5hz-6hz range with direct association with the image on the screen. As this manipulation, if produced would be done without the public's consent suggests it's use for nefarious purposes and agendas that are kept secret. Patents have surfaced in the last 20 years of apparatuses capable of such nefarious purposes. The publication of these patents 20 years ago have actually been devised in the 1950s and 1960s intially by Prof. Ross Adey then others under the ficticous name Hendricus G. Loos commissioned by DARPA, CIA and other military intelligence. The patents that had been publishd in the last 20 plus years include:
US Patents: 6238333, 6091994, 5782874, 6017302, 6506148.

Method: Sound would be captured both via condenser mic of 1" diaphram capable of capturing 0.5-20hz and directly through a sound board capable of capturing below the 20hz range. A video camera would buffer then store the TV with output from a display using Baudline tools when ever there is activity under the 20hz range. Then a small pool of volunteer participants would be individually hooked up to an EEG and provided TV stimulation of programming that had been documented as exhibiting the ELF frequencies associated with imagery on the TV as well as programming without the ELF frequencies with the same imagery. The two tests would be compared for correlations in signal to nervous system response and report conducted and sent to the FCC if a strong correlation is found. be continued...

Here is a video mix with music for educational entertainment purposes:

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