The Unveiling of the Proliferation of Pedophilia in Society through Repression, Culture and Exotic Means.

Written May 17th 2019

The sexual abuse of children and trafficking is becoming an epidemic according to the FBI. It is not just found as an epidemic in the catholic church. It is found and covered up in Hollywood, in the Military, in family adoption through DCFS and makes the majority of the searches on the dark web, according to the FBI and DoJ.

I started to study this issue when news reports started surfacing about the abuses of the catholic church almost 20 years ago. My immediate response to the initial reports: "How can you expect someone in the flesh to be celibate?"

There are two extremes that I've found of how this perversion becomes proliferated, and both extremes become complimentary: Repression and the sexualization of the youth in media, with perhaps also some exotic associative programming.

Sexual repression encourages sexual energy to go in what ever outlet becomes available. Many religions and other sectors of culture & society encourage this sort of repression. We have to recognize that we are in the flesh and as such flesh has needs, that require us to maintain. We can be saintly spiritual once we leave our bodies. As we are in the flesh and in this world, we'd be foolish to expect that we can be saints. Many in the practice of religion have had it wrong in the interpretation of the Bible. And it is the catholic church that has censored a lot of the books that are restricted from access, some of the noncanonicals not known to the public. Along with the requirement of celibacy in the catholic church is the root reason they are most troubled and complicit in their allowance of sexual abuse. Not only does that attract people in to priesthood of such perversive inclination, it avails it. And it is also the reason that some of the most conservative and fundamental of the religious within the elite and elsewhere are also the most repressed and some that have been found and convicted for such sexual abuse and perversion.

The sexualization of youth is most prominent in music youth groups and singers that have devolved from actual music talent, where talent is subjugated to lure in subliminal lust. Yet this recognition is unacknowledged as the direct link to it is culturally taboo.

While there has been no research I have found yet, a series of patents commissioned by DoD and DARPA I have come across purports using acoustic and electromagnetic field frequencies in the 1hz neighborhood to induce "sexual excitement" in what could be an attempt to experiment on unsuspecting citizens of associative programming through mainstream TV networks, TV networks that may also be unsuspecting of this invasive however exotic intrusion. One could suspect certain recent childhood TV programs involving this method for rewiring in developing minds. If this exotic means of associative programming is going on, then I would appeal to the FCC to independently investigate, and enforce laws against the parties involved for such subliminal programming.

Why this proliferation you may ask? To justify what cause?

It has been consistent in my research, that the inception of Operation Paperclip that established the CIA was essentially allowing a "Trojan Horse" of Nazi Scientists after WWII with unchecked impunity under the guise of secrecy for national security purposes allowed such programs as MK UTRA and its sub-program Project Monarch (which focused experiments of proliferating pedophilia initially for creating the perfect assassin) to flourish under the public radar.

This "Trojan Horse" is the organization in allied collaboration that initiated and put forth on the table the proponents required for the ratification of Agenda 21 of which both political parties have unwittingly been channeled to either side of the same coin.

One of the Agenda 21's objectives is to influence a population into "undesirables" through indirect means in order to justify the cause of culling or pruning world population. One of these "undesirables" and most publicly detested populations are those inflicted with and inclined to perversions of pedophilia.


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