Experiment Proposal for Testing Hypothesis of Subliminal Associative Nervous System Programming of the 1hz Proximity

The psycho-sexual Freudian model may have been complimentary/instrumental to the "Manchurian" means of developing assassins and crime by proxy of the patsy; a development that I believe has had social epidemic consequences. The MK-ULTRA hearings March 15th 1995 (# [sic: Google deleted this and related videos from the net]) where victims testified was the first legit public exposure from the C!A's domestic clandestine program that upon exposure, C!A announced that they (supposedly) ceased that program, and perhaps those associated with that program including specifically Operation Monarch (you can join the fight here.) These experiments and grooming of the C!A's aim had been introduced in families of members that had ranks in military intelligence.

I have suspected current exotic means of subliminal associative programming through the nervous system, modulation of the 1hz proximity with tele-vision programming from early development to adult. While this programming may have been going on for some time, it became public in a series of patents from 2001-2004 commissioned by the DoD, which of specific concern is this one, among the others:

[Patent #: US6506148]

A full description of the patents and usage by the C!A attached [HERE].

A few weeks ago I drafted a method and hypothesis of testing for this subliminal method using spectragraphs that trigger a film camera (film for forensic integrity purposes) with the graph and television when ever there is any changes or presence in modulations of the 0.5-2hz range.

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